podcast pod‧cast [ˈpɒdkɑːst ǁ ˈpɑːdkæst] noun [countable]
COMPUTING a radio or television program that can be downloadEd from the Internet and played on a computer or MP3 player:

• You can download podcasts of the 'Today' Programme from the BBC Website.

— podcast verb [transitive]
— podcasting noun [uncountable] :

• The service makes podcasting as simple as making a phone call.

* * *

podcast UK US /ˈpɒdkɑːst/ US  /ˈpɒdkæst/ noun [C] INTERNET, IT, COMMUNICATIONS
a recorded programme that can be downloaded from the internet and listened to on an MP3 player : »

Remember you can download the weekly Business News as a podcast.


By selling advertising on his podcasts, he said he makes more money than most authors get for an average book advance.

podcast UK US /ˈpɒdkɑːst/ US  /ˈpɒdkæst/ verb [I or T] INTERNET, IT, COMMUNICATIONS
to record something as a podcast: »

Of course, normal talk radio shows can also be podcast.


They have their own websites where they can blog and podcast.

podcasting noun [U]

Podcasting has helped him reach a wider audience.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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